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Paramedic, 23, suffers a stroke after cracking her neck and mistakes her own symptoms as being drunk

Paramedic, 23, gave herself a STROKE by cracking her neck – and mistook her own symptoms for being drunk  Natalie Kunicki stretched while watching films in bed after a night out drinking When she got up for the bathroom her leg wouldn’t move and she fell to the floor  She was initially too embarrassed to phone… Read More »

Viewpoints: Social Media Giants Finally Get Smart, Block Dangerous Antivaccine Misinformation; Patients Needing Cheaper Insulin End Up Being Winners

Opinion writers weigh in on these health topics and others. The Philadelphia Inquirer/Philly.com: Facebook, Twitter Are Blocking Dangerous Antivaccine Posts. It’s About Time  In recent weeks, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon have done something previously thought unimaginable—they’ve censored potentially dangerous health information, at last addressing a problem that started in the late 1990s. …Although marginalized,… Read More »