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Coffee Lovers, Attention! Study Finds Over Half of Coffee Beans Face Danger of Extinction

Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Because we are firm believers that caffeine comes first; especially when it comes to those irksome morning meeting or the traffic jams that life hands us, we are naturally big time coffee lovers (addicts!). The quality of coffee beans makes a huge difference in the flavour and aroma of your… Read More »

Medical News Today: Why do we love coffee when it is so bitter?

New findings show that people may be genetically predisposed to love the taste of certain beverages. Furthermore, this biological discovery could have far-reaching health consequences. Researchers are trying to get to grips with a complex coffee-based conundrum. Evolution is thought to have favored people who were able to sense bitterness. After all, sharp and unpleasant… Read More »