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Landmark Results Achieved in Aging and Chronic Disease: Danish Group Extends Disease-free Life by 8 Years

By WILLIAM H. BESTERMANN JR., MD New Scientific Breakthroughs Can Provide a Longer Healthier Life Twenty-one years of follow-up comparing usual care with a protocol-driven team-based intervention in diabetes proved that healthy life in humans can be prolonged by 8 years. These results were achieved at a lower per patient per year cost. Aging researchers… Read More »

Parkinson’s disease symptoms: Three tell-tale signs in the eyes that can signal condition

Parkinson’s disease is a condition which damages the brain over many years. The most recognised symptom is involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body (known as a tremor). Slow movement and having stiff and inflexible muscles are also common signs. But now all symptoms are related to a person’s movement. People with Parkinson’s often… Read More »

Woman, 25, diagnosed with ALS eight years after the disease killed her twin sister and has 6 weeks

EXCLUSIVE: Thriving horse rider, 25, diagnosed with ALS 8 years after the disease killed her twin sister begs Donald Trump to help her access to $ 700,000 drug as doctors say she will likely stop breathing in weeks Jaci Hermstad, 25, was diagnosed with ALS in February, 8 years after her twin sister Alex died… Read More »