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Future of Robotics in Healthcare: Interview with Corey Ryan of Kuka Laboratories

As the manager of Medical Robotics at KUKA Robotics, Corey Ryan is at the helm of company’s research, sales, and growth in the medical sector for North America. Under his leadership, KUKA has diversified its expertise to grow its relationships with startups and expand its robotic applications. Corey is a sought after speaker and has… Read More »

A primer on healthcare cybersecurity threats & risks in APAC

According to the CBSi B2B Cybersecurity Study, Asia Pacific 2018, one of the biggest challenges faced by an organisation’s cybersecurity framework is aligning cybersecurity with business priorities. Jega Ponnudurai, Industry General Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Asia, DXC Technology, recommended that healthcare organisations tackle this challenge by linking the costs and benefits of cybersecurity to… Read More »

Fixing health-care cronyism — intentional and unintentional | TheHill – The Hill

Have you noticed Americans’ health-care choices are continuing to shrink? Hanlon’s Razor states one should “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,” but is that the case here? Over the past several decades, a combination of laws and exemptions from existing laws have effectively crushed consumer freedom in the health-care industry.… Read More »