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Woman, 25, diagnosed with ALS eight years after the disease killed her twin sister and has 6 weeks

EXCLUSIVE: Thriving horse rider, 25, diagnosed with ALS 8 years after the disease killed her twin sister begs Donald Trump to help her access to $ 700,000 drug as doctors say she will likely stop breathing in weeks Jaci Hermstad, 25, was diagnosed with ALS in February, 8 years after her twin sister Alex died… Read More »

A Definitive List of All the ‘Riverdale’ Characters Who Have Been Killed Off

This post contains spoilers about all the Riverdale episodes that have aired to date. Riverdale is a difficult place to stay alive. Just look at these folks who’ve traded in Pop Tate’s burgers and shakes for the sweet, sweet afterlife. Ever since Jason Blossom’s death opened the show on season one, Riverdale has not been… Read More »