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Is It Harmful to Use Makeup to Cover Acne?

Breakouts are the worst. If your thought process is anything like mine when a zit manifests on your face, your first instinct might be to disguise it before anyone else notices. Usually, the quickest way to make a breakout disappear is by reaching for a tube of foundation and/or concealer, but is that really what’s… Read More »

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The Perfect Eyeshadow and Other Makeup Tips for Busy Moms

Learn how white eyeshadow and other makeup tips can make you look more refreshed! Every parent understands how easy it is to let self-care drop in the hustle and bustle of pickups, playdates, and sleepless nights. Of course, there is a natural shift of priorities that comes with adding kids to your life, but it… Read More »

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5 Makeup Looks for Replacing Your Daily Cat Eye

by Ravi Patel 5 Makeup Looks for Replacing Your Daily Cat Eye Winged eyeliners have been huge since forever. Since we’ve worn them since our teens, we’ve probably become pros at winging our liner. Where it took hours of getting our wing right, now we can flick it in a number of seconds. However, now… Read More »

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