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When ICU Delirium Leads To Symptoms Of Dementia After Discharge

Richard Langford, at home in East Nashville, Tenn., still has significant trouble with mental focus and memory issues 10 years after a sudden and serious infection landed him in the hospital ICU for several weeks. Morgan Hornsby/Morgan Hornsby for NPR hide caption toggle caption Morgan Hornsby/Morgan Hornsby for NPR Richard Langford, at home in East… Read More »

10 Yoga Poses, Exercise and Herbal Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Try different yoga poses, practice exercise, maintain healthy body weight, consume fiber-rich diet and try herbal remedies such as Diabkil capsules to treat type 2 diabetes symptoms at home. The number of people suffering from diabetes is growing higher day by day. Due to our poor eating habits and varied environmental factors lots of people… Read More »

10 Signs and Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an illness caused by consuming foods or drinks that contain harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites. It’s extremely common, affecting an estimated 9.4 million Americans each year (1, 2). While many foods contain potentially harmful organisms, they are usually destroyed during cooking. However, if you don’t practice good hygiene and proper food storage… Read More »