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Many Women on HIV Treatment Are at Risk of Developing a Detectable Viral Load

Beset with numerous life challenges that may compromise their adherence to antiretrovirals (ARVs), many women living with HIV are at substantial long-term risk of developing a detectable viral load. Publishing their Findings in JAMA Network Open, researchers from the Women’s Interagency HIV Study, an ongoing longitudinal cohort study, analyzed data on 1,989 women with the… Read More »

This Terrifying Viral Video Shows Falling Snow Shatter a Driver's Windshield

Extreme weather causes problems for motorists every winter. If you’re not careful, heavy snow can turn a morning commute from a big headache to a dangerous situation. One driver in Kalamazoo, Michigan, found this out the hard way when he was cruising down the highway on his way to work. Kevin Hoffer was driving underneath… Read More »