What Causes Early Menopause? Posted By : Benjamin Wee

By | October 15, 2018

In the life of every woman comes a phase where after she is no longer able to reproduce anymore and this phase marks the end of their sexual life. Early menopause as the name suggests is the occurrence of menopause before the usual time. Menopause is one such phase of life which is hated by every woman because it brings with it lots of problems and side effects. Acquiring knowledge of the symptoms and causes of early menopause will help you tackle this problem in a better way.

Auto immune disorder has caused the occurrence of premature menopause in a large number of women, in fact it is the biggest contributor. In this, the immune system sends antibodies to destroy the wrongly perceived threats. These antibodies ultimately happen to interfere with your reproductive system and destroy some of your ovarian functions. Chromosomal defects can also contribute to cause early menopause. Some defects in the X chromosome of women can cause lesser production of eggs by the ovaries thereby causing early menopause. Women who undergo a surgery to get their uterus removed also suffer from an early menopause because of the hormonal imbalance created in their body. After removal of uterus and ovaries the estrogen and progesterone levels in your body decrease to a minimal level thereby causing menopause immediately. This is perhaps the most difficult stage to tackle because you will be experiencing the after effects of a surgery and menopausal problems at the same time.

Early menopause may also come up as a side effect of the cancer treatment. Women suffering from cancer receive chemotherapy to remove the same which in turn can damage the ovaries thereby causing premature menopause. Early menopause can also be a hereditary problem however the chances of such a thing happening are minimal. During your birth if your mother suffered viral infections in her uterus you might be born with lesser number of eggs in your uterus. Lesser number of eggs means they will not last the usual time and hence cause premature menopause. Moreover certain infections in your own uterus may also cause the occurrence of premature menopause and after the infection has been cured you may not be able to reproduce.

Disorders like Thyroid disorder, Hypothamic disorder which have symptoms pretty much similar to those of menopause can be a cause of concern for the same but actually when you consult a doctor you know the exact problem. This is why it is always recommended to consult a doctor who will diagnose the right problem you suffer from and treat you accordingly. Tamoxifen, treatment for breast cancer patients, similar to chemotherapy is known to cause damage to the ovaries thereby resulting in premature menopause. It actually decreases the amount of estrogen hormone in the body which ultimately leads to menopause. Knowing all the causes of premature menopause will help you stay away from the problem which is what all women want.

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